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What is ART JAM?

 ART JAM is about bringing people together through art. Creating spaces for Artists, Art Curious, and even Art Shy folks to come together and celebrate their inner artist. It's our goal to make the "art scene" a little less intimidating and accessible no matter what your level. Think teamwork, a few social beverages, and a blank canvas with 2 hours to let your creative spirit run wild and free of consequence. DJ music keeping the energy high and professional artist(s) offering as much support as desired. Oh, and an array of paintings materials at your disposal. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop on up coming events or book us to host your own private ART JAM and we'll bring the party to you!

Check out this video of our very first ART JAM!

Video credit to Brian Shultz

To see more footage and clips from past ART JAM's check out our instagram by clicking the media icon.

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